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There’s a sense of fulfilment to being a support worker that other jobs just can’t match.

There are tens of thousands of qualified support workers around New Zealand. It’s a job that offers the kind of rewards and challenges you may not find behind a desk or a coffee machine. Roles are as varied as the people you work with, allowing you to shape your career in the way you want.
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What’s it like working closely with others? How does it feel to be genuinely needed and valued by the people you work with? What does the job entail? Explore the stories of support workers from the different sectors involved.

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Support or care work covers so much. You could look after residents in an aged care facility, help people with a disability live an independent life, take care of someone in their home, take on important social work or help those with addiction or mental health problems. There are all sorts of roles in each sector.

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Qualifications? You can earn those at work, while you’re being paid. They’ll give you the skills and confidence to excel at your job, help you advance to more specialised roles if you wish, and improve your income. All you need to get going is to get a job. There are thousands out there right now so dive in and see what’s happening near you.

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Is the money any good? Is it all just cleaning up after people? Whether you have some preconceptions about what a support worker does, or you really have no idea, we’ve made up a list of the realities and the myths of supporting others as an amazing career.

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Many employers will support on-the-job training where you’ll have the opportunity to earn as you learn, get practical skills and work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification without taking on a student loan.

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