About the Life Changing Careers campaign

In 2020, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) launched a $16m COVID Response Fund. This was available to Industry Training Organisations and Workforce Development Councils to propose activities supporting employers in their recovery from COVID-19.

For the health and wellbeing sector, COVID-19 had exposed a lack of diversity across our care and support workforce. A number of employers have had to stand down members of their workforce due to COVID-19 vulnerability risks. For some sectors, it also exposed a heavy reliance on migrant workers with temporary work visas. Exacerbating this situation were the myths and misconceptions associated with care and support worker roles.

Careerforce received funding to develop a campaign aimed at promoting career pathways in care and support and attracting greater workforce diversity. Based on hui with current workers, it became evident that it was the intrinsic rewards that attracted them to their roles and kept them inspired. They really feel they’re making a difference in people’s lives.

This led to the campaign tagline, “The life you change might be your own”. At the core of the campaign are the stories of those receiving care and support and those of support workers themselves. A campaign identity and website – – and website were created.

The campaign was developed by Careerforce with funding generously provided by the Tertiary Education Commission and with the support of the Ministry of Health.

About the website

The site has been designed for people considering a career in care and support work. It’s a portal to helpful information about careers and training with links to rewarding and fulfilling jobs in the various sectors of health and wellbeing. There are thousands of care and support roles available right now.

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